Prices of cutting hazardous trees


The price of hazardous tree cutting can be influenced by many factors: amount of work, distance to the place of cutting, size of the tree, amount of time, risk of cutting the tree, etc…). The price of hazardous cutting and trimming is thus determined individually for the specific situation.

If you have interest to receive a price offer for hazardous cutting please write us an E-mail to

Into the email please attach photos of the trees that you want cut. Also add the location where we will be doing our work.

The circumference at chest height (approximately at 1.3 meters from the ground). Also state the local situation (barriers- buildings, powerlines…), that would help us to be familiarized with the  local situation. 

Furthermore let us know what our work will involve – only cutting or sutting and processing of wood. This is basic information that will help us estimate the price relatively accuratly.

If you have interest please contact us at or on our phone number 602 482 424