About Us

We offer cutting of hazardous trees as well as “simple cutting” under normal circumstances

“Simple cutting” is understood as cutting a tree that does not threaten your property or health of an individual in the immediate area. In this case it is possible to cut a tree in the appropriate direction and afterwards on the ground process it. This method is fairly simple and short time wise, thus the price of cutting reflects that.

“Hazardous cutting” is understood as cutting a tree standing in a place where it is not possible to cut down at once (limited space under the tree, close to buildings or fence or other trees, street or powerlines) and it is necessary to gradually cut down with the help of rope techniques and lowering devices. Individual pieces of the tree tied and safely lowered to the ground. Thanks to these technologies we are able to remove practically any kind of tree without the use of heavy equipment.

We also engage in other operations:

·        Removing wooden waste ( after our cutting work or independently)

·        Removal of snow and ice from the roofs of buildings

·        modification and maintenance of greenery

The goal of our activity is quality and accuracy of our work. We always try to accommodate various request from our clients.

At all of our orders we agree on the price individually for the work done and not for hourly pay. Ahead of time you will know the exact price for hazardous cutting or any of our other work!