Permission to cutting

Why and when is it needed to receive permission from local authority

Trees are protected by law to not be harmed or destroyed. To cut trees it is necessary to get permission from the nature conservation authority except for the reasons listed below where it is necessary only to report the action to the general office.

For cutting trees not in woods it is not needed to get permission from the general office under these circumstances:

1.      Cutting a tree for cultivation reasons, ie. for reasons to renew the area or during thinning out vegetation, and for health reasons prescribed by the doctor. Cutting for any of these reasons must be announced at least 15 days before the cutting.

2.      The tree which has a circumference of less than 80cm is 130cm or shorter from the ground.

3.      There is a consistent cover of bushes that takes up the area of 40 m2 or less.

4.      The reason for cutting a tree (or trees) is because of the immediate need to avoid health issues or damage of property of considerable amount. In this case you can get permission afterwards.

In all other cases it is necessary to ask the general office to give you permission to cut a tree down.

In the request to the general office you should have:

Your full name, address of the requester, documents of ownership or lease for the land wherethe tree is located, specification of what is being cut down – type, amount, size, situational drawing, circumference of the trunk at the height of 130 cm, reason for the request.